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Gallery Folders

2 by Jack-Dan
Gabriel Belmont 2 by Jack-Dan
The Lord is My least Until I... by Jack-Dan
Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto Shippuden by PriSuicun
Anime Manga 4
K Military - Kuroh by NeeYumi
Come to the Karneval by Youji3
Black Lotus fully assembled! by KandaDream
Don't let me turn into a witch.. by Little-Princess-Life
Killer Frost by LordKarpador
Kuchisake Onna by AzunaKohana
Nightmare Moon by LordKarpador
Magikarp by LordKarpador
Cardcaptor Sakura - Sakura x Syaoran by Xeno-Photography
Sakura and Shaoran by Makicreazion
xxxHolic: Yuko by elara-dark
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Sakura x Syaoran by Xeno-Photography
Code Geass
Julius Kingsley - Code Geass by ToraCosplayers
Lelouch Vi Britannia 06 by jacks-peapod
Butterfly Portrait by Twinkle---Toes
Butterfly dress 2 by Twinkle---Toes
comics and Warner and others
Marvel: Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff - 7 by Amapolchen
The Punisher and Sgt. Cole-Alves - No Mercy by DashingTonyLima
Voltron - paladin idiot by stormyprince
Rogue cosplay - X-men by Ainlina
Death Note
Amane Misa by AGflower
Death Note by TesseractGlow
L by UndiciSmaug
-New Misa Amane- by Nami-Ayashi
Disney Tangled - Rapunzel 6 by KiaraBerry
TinkerBell - Looking for lost things by SoraPaopu
Princess Jasmine by Rei-Doll
Hannah Alexander Aurora by Jayuna
Kanda Coat Details Tutorial. by neptunyan
Lavi Bookman by MorganaBlackwings
The beginning by J-Melmoth
Innocent Sorrow by RegistroNiemand
Do you mind moving? by Kura-Inran
Asuka urban ver 3 by SakiLawer
Fly Me To The Moon by Kura-Inran
Rei Ayanami [08] by HiniTsuburagi
Final Fantasy
Tifa Wallmarket: Undiscovered Mission by CrystalMoonlight1
rikku by tdscosp
Mt Koltz by FinalFantasyCosplays
Final Heaven by Shinji-Mamoru
Hidden from you by AdorableJoker
Inuyasha Modern - Ki... Ki...Kikyo!  Aim higher! by maverickdelta
Can't stop loving you by FinalFantasyCosplays
Full Demon Inuyasha by RealInuyasha
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Mukuro Rokudo by MarinaArens
Hibari/Chrome by Kazuki-Fuchouin
Superbi Squalo by Vivid-Cosplay
Chrome Dokuro 4 by MinoruneTomo
Kingdom Hearts
Young Xehanort And Sora by KaoYoruse
Young Xehanort by KaoYoruse
Inspiration for Cosplayers by WhiteLightning008
Sora - rely on me by SoraPaopu
Demon by TesseractGlow
Down Time #2 by AdorableJoker
William T. Spears by AdorableJoker
Ciel Phantomhive 03 by jacks-peapod
Pic Rip ID by kaitlynrager
Hellsing bloody rose by LaylaKurai
Impasse by LaylaKurai
Draculina versus ghouls by LaylaKurai
Anime Manga II
K Missing Kings - Yukari by NeeYumi
K Project - Mishakuji Yukari by NeeYumi
Steins Gate Ending Inspired by Rei-Suzuki
Fate/Stay Night - Arthuria pulls the Sword by TenchiMuyou
Chidori! by YumeLifeCosplay
Naruto Movie The Last - Uzumaki Naruto by Xeno-Photography
Sai by MarinaArens
Kage Nui no Jutsu! by YumeLifeCosplay
Superstar by Shinji-Mamoru
Sheryl and Ranka by kokoammm
Sheryl and Ranka by kokoammm
Sheryl Nome [Macross Frontier] by kokoammm
Warlock 2 by Hadvi
Alisa Bosconovitch cosplay #17 by DmC - Decco P. by DrawMeaCosplay
Street Fighter V: Chun Li II by CookieKabuki
Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken - Lady Lyndis Cosplay by akathays
Anime e Mangas
Saint Seiya - Dite by NeeYumi
Tanaka and Ohta - Tanaka-kun is always Listless by Rei-Suzuki
Kill La Kill - Nobody's Doll by TrustOurWorldNow
Hi by Jack-Dan
Video Game
Skyward Sword - To an Adventure by Rei-Suzuki
Hyrule Warriors - Oh, a Challenge by Rei-Suzuki
Hyrule Warriors - We are all Heroes by Rei-Suzuki
Hyrule Warriors - It's Dangerous to go Alone by Rei-Suzuki
Vampire Knight
Next to the Cross academy by Kura-Inran
VK: Sweet Yuki by singingaway
Forever by sabakunoai
Vampire Knight by PriSuicun
Miku Hatsune - Sandplay by Ni-shix
Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro by MagentaTeam
Coward Montblanc Gumi cosplay by Rubrum-Cervi
Welcome Autumn! by HimeKine
Soul Eater
AnimagiC 2016 - Medusa ( Child ) _ Soul Eater - by Akiko-Anabi
Let's go, Soul Resonance by o-Dr-Franken-Stein-o
Partners in crime by o-Dr-Franken-Stein-o
Today, you're mine by o-Dr-Franken-Stein-o
Sailor Moon
Mars Power, Make Up! by VivienneCorner
Kunzite by Vaishravana
Groch i kapusta a mydlo z powidlem by lunatycy-project
Senshi and Luna by lunatycy-project
Rozen Maiden
Rozen Maiden: Rose by Aster-Hime
Rozen Maiden: Tea by Aster-Hime
Suigintou by mercurygin
Shinku by hazu-nyan
Pandora Hearts
Will of the Abyss Pandora Hearts : Original Artwor by Korixxkairi
Mirrored by samiinction
Welcome by MikadoLover
by the lake. by TheRiverAlchemist
Full Metal Alchemist
Edward and Alphonse Elric by talkenia
Edward Elric Cosplay by KICKAcosplay
Fullmetal Alchemist - Ling Yao by Rei-Suzuki
Edward Elric Cosplay by KICKAcosplay
Close to Nature (Nyotalia: Russia) by KvartsiCosplay
Fruk Cosplay by Rubrum-Cervi
[APH] Young Hungary by KasumiVI
Lovino Romano Vargas by ChibiMisa94
GET YOUR GAME ON!  ~ Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX by Pharaohmones
The King Has Returned!  Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) by Pharaohmones
Yugi Dark Magician Cosplay by PtrCosplay
Marik Cosplay (Yu-Gi-Oh!) by PtrCosplay
One Piece
Aceko | Gender Bender | I by Wings-chan
The message: Nami Strong World by Cat-Burglar-Nami
Luffyko | Gender Bender | I by Wings-chan
Next to the orange tree by Cat-Burglar-Nami
Human Venusaur and Human Charizard Cosplay: Ptthbt by TetchyTact
Team Mystic Gray by WhiteLightning008
Pokemon : Vaporeon 1 by Amapolchen
Pokemon: Team Rocket 4 by aKami777
Hunter X Hunter
Illumi Zoldyck by ShamanaChu
Illumi and Killua Zoldyck by ShamanaChu
Killua and Kurapika | HUNTER x HUNTER by clickarteacao
Waiting for a prey by YUGIOHPASSIONCOSPLAY
Saint Seiya
I really don't have anyone to slay by Hyurem
Tenma Kofuku by Fraulein-Mao
The Goddes Garden by BloodyChibi
Cancer Manigoldo by LRCoslovers
Anime Manga III
NANA - Warm Lights by Rei-Suzuki
NANA - Hey Nana by Rei-Suzuki
NANA - Broken Rose by Rei-Suzuki
Haru by Jack-Dan
Panty- Stocking
Self-control is bad for the soul [PASWG] by JeanneJeager
Ready for your punishment? [PANTY AND STOCKING] by JeanneJeager
Stocking Anarchy -PSG (3/3) by obscure-cosplay
Scanty and Kneesocks Cosplay : Follow the Rules by Khainsaw
Zuko by talkenia
Mai - Avatar: The Last Airbender by haru-vesna
Yue Moon Spirit cosplay by Twinkle---Toes
Diane and Elizabeth - Daydreaming Girls by SoraPaopu
Sound Horizon
Sound Horizon - Roman - Balance of Light by maverickdelta
Your revenge is granted by DevilSebastian
Hochmut by KaoriOkada
Rose Princess by KaoriOkada
Sakata Gintoki - Shiroyasha III by Hikari-Kanda
Kagura movie 2 by ToraCosplayers
Kagura [Gintama] by ToraCosplayers
Shinsuke - Oh really? by Aliceincosplayland
Madoka Magica
Magical Girls by Shinji-Mamoru
Magical Girls by Odango-datte
Homura Akemi by mirage-19
Homura Akemi by mirage-19
Fate Stay
Fate/Extra - Saber Nero (Bikini ver.) 2 by KiaraBerry
Jeanne Alter Cosplay by kuricurry
Archer Rin Woodbine Beach Meet #01 by Lightning--Baron
Let the night fall by Arekuphotography
Uta no Prince Sama
Masato Hijrkawa by MarinaArens
My Venus by LauzLanille
utapri: I believe you by whatinthequoi
RenxMasato Entwined by TiBun
Adventure Time
Adventure Time - GeniMonster - [YAY!] by GeniMonster
Ice Queen Adventure Time by Gerlequine-Seigen
Adventure Time - GeniMonster - [Power! Wallpaper] by GeniMonster
Marshall Lee [Adventure Time] by Pantenia
Judal and Hakuryuu by MarinaArens
Yeah, it's comfy! by Misaomi

Mature Content

Paimon #4 by Gliese-581
King by KuroKnightC2
Heroine- Amnesia by LilyneeCosplay
Heroine | AMNESIA by clickarteacao
Heroine- Amnesia by LilyneeCosplay
Heroine- Amnesia by LilyneeCosplay
Attack on Titan
Ymir by MarinaArens
He's Growing Up! by FerRivaille
AoT: If there's something you don't understand... by starrys
Eren Yeager Cosplay ~ Black and White by small-yeast-dumpling
Daft Punk Cosplay by Italicans
Haruka Nanase (1) by ChibiMisa94
Free! - Hazuki Nagisa by Xeno-Photography
Free: Haru by Jen-kun
Anime e manga 5
No Game No Life - Our Rules | Shiro + Sora by TrustOurWorldNow
Super Sonico - Gloomy Bear Sonico by Xeno-Photography
Re:Zero Rem Bench by KawaiiKaptian
Shiki by MarinaArens
Kill la Kill
Kill la kill - Satsuki Kiryuin by Axilirator
Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi Cosplay : Life Fiber Life by Khainsaw
Kill la kill - Satsuki Kiryuin by Axilirator
Kill la kill by Axilirator
Fairy Tail
Aquarius from Fairy Tail V by Alejandralvarez
Erza Knightwalker (Fairy Tail) cosplay by AnitramNoriko
Team Valor Natsu by WhiteLightning008
Juvia FT by weetu
Seeing Red by Sheenah
Claire Redfield REV2 Rodeo cosplay II by Rejiclad
Jill Vallentine STARS Arrange cosplay IV by Rejiclad
Jill Valentine - Alternate Red outfit I by Rejiclad
Highschool of the DEAD
Saeko Busujima- HOTD by LilyneeCosplay
Saeko Busujima and Takashi Komuro - HOTD by LilyneeCosplay
Saeko Busujima and Takashi Komuro - HOTD by LilyneeCosplay
cosplay saya from highschool of the dead 2 by Lucy-Dark-Dreams
Diabolik Lovers
Sakamaki Kanato by N-is-Nothing
Sakamaki Reiji by N-is-Nothing
Yui and Ayato by ToraCosplayers
Swort Art Online
Asuna Yuuki - Sword art online by NaruHinakiss
Asuna and Kirito by Jake-Peter-Pan
Asuna's Final Form - Sword Art Online by SantanaCosplay
Sword Art Online: Asuna Yuuki by LoveCosplay
Yoshiko (Yohane) - Aozora Jumping Heart by SharyNyanko
NicoMaki by Shinji-Mamoru
Kotori: Police Ver. 1 by EmberFox666
Maki Nishikino ~ Marine by Its-Raining-Clouds

Rules ~~


:heart:Welcome :heart:


:bulletblue: About Cosplay submissions :bulletblue:

you can send photos in the gallery of the group and suggest favorite.
We will encourage people to submit photos of good quality, so try to make the best of you. ^^ This means that the works in progress are not allowed.

Make sure your cosplay is a picture that you own, you have to be a cosplayer or Kameko (photographer), who took the pic. (If you wan't to upload a photo of a cosplayer friend you have to have his / her permission)
We do not wan't pictures from the internet, we wan't pics of you!

:bulletpink: How do I send a picture to the club?
To send a picture, click the "Contribute Art" below and select the detour You have to wait for the administrator to approve the photo and that's all.

Please post the BEST pictures of your cosplay. May be more of a photo, but to post the BEST. Thank you.

:bulletpink::damphyr: Members can only submit 3 deviation per week for the group :damphyr: :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: I really do not wan't to contribute to the club, but I like to see costumes :bulletpink:
If you enjoy only watching... You can add a watch to the group :heart:

:bulletpink:may take more than a week for your photo to be posted as we have many entries in the group. But wait until your photo will be posted ^^











Best deviations of the week

Kill la kill - Satsuki Kiryuin by AxiliratorBattle Angel by SheenahDemon Huter (Diablo III) cosplay by AnitramNorikoKiller Frost by LordKarpadorPrincess Jasmine by Rei-DollSave myself? From death? Is that it? by RizzyOkuniSister Of Battle - Warhammer 40K by kaihansen3004Homura Akemi by mirage-19Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi Cosplay : Life Fiber Life by KhainsawKill la kill - Satsuki Kiryuin by AxiliratorWarlock 2 by HadviMarvel: Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff - 7 by Amapolchen

pictures chosen by :iconprisuicun:
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